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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Recent Projects

Two big projects I recently completed were Philosopher's Wool sweater and Nora's Sweater.  Still trying to get the hang of this blog thing - I have the photos on my Flickr photostream but I can't get them over to the blog yet...lol...any way - it's like this:

Philosopher's Wools sweater was started as a class/KAL at Cozy Cabin last fall.  Using the style, Color Your Own, in the blue/black colorway, I learned the philosopher's wool technique of fair isle knitting.  This technique weaves in the yarns as you go, which practically eliminates the long strands or "floats" on the inside of the sweater.  Floats occur from carrying different color yarns along in your work.  With the Philosopher's wool technique, you get a much stonger and warmer fabric.  I must admit, it took some getting used to....The technique is easy - training yourself to keep doing it is tougher.  The fall turned into winter and, with both sleeves done and the body about 1/2 way, I set the sweater aside to work on Christmas gifts and other things.  Under pressure to finish the KAL and the class, I completed my sweater in February so that I could be up to speed with button bands - which I hadn't done before.  I got some great tips on button bands so that they look professional on the inside as well as the outside.  I altered the pattern to make a small V-neck and collar rather than the small rounded collar that was called for.  The sweater is knit in the round with purl stitches to mark the front and two sleeve steeks.  The yarn was purchased directly from Philosopher's Wool in Canada and while I would definitely make this sweater again, I would probably use Bartlett yarn 2-ply. 

Next up - Nora's Sweater.  Pattern is from InterWeave Knits - February, 2010 issue.  I absolutely love this pattern!  Using Cascade Eco wool in eggplant color, this sweater knit up easily in 2 and 1/2 weeks!  It is a pieced sweater which, I think, is why it is such a quick knit.  The longest piece took me about 4 days and it was the front band that is made in two halves and joined at the back of the neck.  It is a 36 row repeat with no rows being the same pattern - including the wrong side rows!! UGH!  But it is beautiful and warm and I get so many compliments on it.  I would definitely make a dozen of this sweater is a bunch of colors!!


  1. ....i was wondering about whether you steeked the Philosopher's Wools sweater....

  2. Yes. The sweater was steeked from the top of the ribbing to the neck and also for each sleeve. The v-neck was sewn and then cut after, but I left the steek in place for stability until after I made the cuts for the V-neck.