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Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting In Touch with Your Inner B....tch

Today, my calendar advice says, " An inner b....tch diet tip:  Some days our mind says, grains, veggies, fruit and other days it says, melted cheese, melted cheese, chocolate...consider striking a balance".....

And so, I am - but not with food.  I am spending a couple of hours each day quilting....I got some great new spring time fabric and decided I needed a new quilt.  To balance this - I spend a little while each evening in front of the TV - knitting...after all - that summer top and pair of socks won't knit themselves!!  So that's my balancing act for the day.


  1. ....every be-yotch has to have some things to balance....they only measure yarn by the gram so at least if you have to add weight it will look good on you when you've got some new knitwear....

  2. Balance has left my life! Since trying to quit smoking I knit to keep my hands busy and eat Reeses peanut butter eggs to help me get thru! If I keep this up I will have to knit my first sweater very BIG! Oh and my inner b__ch is not hiding...