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Friday, August 20, 2010


Well, hello everybody!!  First, let me apologize for being a slacker...I haven't blogged in quite a while!  That is all about to change, though!  Appalachian Yarns is moving forward at lightening speed!  There are some great new yarns in the inventory, along with some wonderful patterns!  Shawl pins are becoming quite popular and AY is pleased to begin offering them to our customers! 

Have you been to our group on Ravelry??  430+ folks from all over the world are having tons of fun in there!  So far we had the Quench bag KAL, Mystery Summer Wrap in the Heat KAL, and the Four Seasons mystery KAL which is just finishing up.  Next will be the Fair Isle mystery KAL and the Toe-up Sock KAL - both of which will start in September!  AY is currently planning October, November and December KALs, along with a brand new Crochet A-Long (CAL)!! 

There will also be a little surprise yarn coming very soon!  I'm keeping it a mystery for now because I know I have some folks who really enjoy being surprised!  There is also a little mystery fun coming up for September...I know, I know...you all want to know what it is...I promise it will be unveiled promptly on September 1st and will run the entire month of September so that everyone has a chance to participate!

I promise to blog more consistently - which will be at least every week!  Please let me hear from all of you - tell me how you're doing, what you're working on and, if you have a particular wish for a KAL/CAL on ravelry OR if you would like to moderate a KAL or CAL, send me a note: toni@appalachianyarns.com !! 

Happy Knitting !!

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  1. ....hurray for AY!!!....can't wait to see what's coming Toni....and we want to see your shop samples too....